Dunwich Dynamo, 8-9 July 2006
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08 July 2006

Assembling in London Fields in Hackney.

Queuing for route sheets.

A number of Wheelers assembling for the ride.

The first stop, all night gas station in Epping.

Ok, so I don't like flash photography. So, not great pictures, oh well. Besides, taking pictures of cyclists with a flash makes them all look like they are in Tron.

Lunch stop in Great Waldingfield. Yeah, I know it is a bad picture, it was dark and I was tired.

Rain seems to have cleared up a bit, heading out again.

Maybe representative of what my head felt like about then.

Can't remember now, maybe Needham Lake. Still raining quite a bit.

Nearly there. The "by road" part past Saxmundham.

Pretty landscape in Dunwich Heath.

The beach at Dunwich, at long last.

Time to go swimming.

Wheelers after a swim (well, some swam, like me).

Steve in his stylish skirt ordering breakfast.


Some groups loading up their bikes.

Onto the luxury Wheelers mini-bus, complete with state of the art disco lighting. Oh, it looks plain on the outside, but you would be surprised. Burn baby burn, disco inferno.