Cairngorms, 28 February-11 March 2007
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01 March 2007 - Aviemore and Dell of Abernethy

Strathspey steam train at Boat of Garten. Link Link

West Dell cottage. Love the snow shovel. Dell Cottages in Nethy Bridge. Link
02 March 2007- Abernethy Forest


Fairy Tree in Abernethy Forest.

03 March 2007 - Cairngorm Mountain

Near Aviemore.

Lock Morlich.

Pass to Cairngorm ski area.

Looking back at Loch Morlich.

Hiking up the final part of the summit.

Blowing snow.

Automated weather station at the summit. 1244 meters.

Lock Morlich again, near Glenmore.

Cairngorm Mountain.

Total lunar eclipse later that evening

04 March 2007 - Nethy Bridge and Castle Roy

Castle Roy. Link Link

05 March 2007 - Grantown on Spey

River Nethy.

Castle Roy from Abernethy Church.

Grantown on Spey


Broomhill Station. Also known as Glenbogle Station in Monarch of the Glen.

River Spey
06 March 2007 - Abernethy Forest

A ford to cross.

07 March 2007 - Going home?

Prepared to go home today.

Headed towards Aviemore.

Aviemore Station.

Maybe not going home today after all. No trains here today. Or tomorrow either.

Broomhill Station.
08 March 2007 - Loch Garten

Red squirrels in the front yard.

Windy at Loch Garten.

At Lock Mallachie.

Bridge over the Nethy in Nethy Bridge.

A birdwatching seat.


09 March 2007 - Ryvoan Pass

Heading towards Ryvoan Pass from Forest Lodge. Bumpy rocky road.

Light snow now.

Hard to see the snow.

Heading there and to Glenmore beyond it.

Can just see one deer of a herd on the left.

Made it to Ryvoan Bothy just at the beginning of the pass. And going on towards Glenmore.

Lochan Uaine, supposed to be green because green fairies washed their clothes in it link
10 March 2007 - Rynettin

More red squirrels.

Giant ant hills.

Back in Abernethy Forest.

In Rynettin.

Cool root systems.

Neighbor cow.
11 March 2007 - Going home

Tree probably blown down by the recent wind storms.

At the station.