Wild Wales Challenge, 24-28 August 2007
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24 August 2007

Through Greenwich Tunnel.

Unloading in Bala, much much later.

Off for the first swim of the trip.
25 August 2007

Around Bala

Readying for the rides for the day.

Past Lake Bala.

Looking over Llangower.

Starting up towards Bwlch Groes.

Sitting at the summit of Bwlch Groes (the highest pass in Wales).

The horrible side of the pass we will ride up tomorrow.

But today we are going to go down this way, towards Lake Vyrnwy. Just a fabulous ride down.

At Lake Vyrnwy.

Up to a delightful lunch at a lakeside cafe.

Up past the summit of Cwm Hirnant heading down.

At the bottom of the hill now.

And off to Lake Bala for another swim.
26 August 2007

Waiting in line to check in.

Diversion up the first steep climb.

Up top now, preparing to cross Milltir Gerrig.

More walking up.

Heading down scary hills.

Time for a picnic. (Is that "Crane" sneaking by in the background?)

Passing "Crane" again, for about the 7th time. Later asked her name, it was Jen.

Rather daunting climb up Bwlch Groes up ahead. 10 chevrons (areas of greater than 1:5 gradients) on the map for it.

Starting the long walk up.

Still walking. Apparently some sections of this actually reach 34%.

Just nearly at the top.

Just came up that.

Warmer clothes for the ride down.

A lovely ride down.

Except for the stupid traffic jam.

Heading over the last pass.

The last really fun descent down Cwm Hirnant and into Bala.

Just came down that.

Passing Lake Bala.

Champagne and celebration.

Finally meeting "Crane" in person, on right in red.

Completed ride booklet. Little more than 90 miles, top speed 35.5 mph.


Elevation profile
Elevation Change	Total (ft)
Elevation Gain		11,039
Elevation Loss		11,029

Grade	Average (%)	Maximum (%)
Ascent Grade	5.3	31.3
Descent Grade	-4.3	-22.3

Start Elevation (ft):	557
Finish Elevation (ft):	567
Min. Elevation (ft):	111
Max. Elevation (ft):	1,672

27 August 2007

Barbed wire Stella put up to keep the toddlers out of the bike area. Pretty hardcore security.

Another swim.

Trying to bend the fork back on Stella's bike. No luck though.

Traffic jam.

Just had some food.

Heading back.

28 August 2007

Up early for a swim.

Packing to go.

To the Cutty Sark pub before heading home.

Heron walking down to the water.

Taking the ferry across to Canary Wharf.