Child Stars.  You loved cute little Gary Coleman.  You loved Cousin Oliver, but someday, these kids have to grow up and some of them do it by turning to crime.  Who can forget Dana Plato (Kimberly from Different Strokes) robbing a video store with a pellet gun and then going back for her sunglasses.  What a plea for help.  And this is what this page is for, to give these has beens the exposure they crave.

This page is still under construction (like everything else on the internet).  I will be searching for the ever growing list of child stars who just couldn't make it in the real world and finding the best pictures of them in their prime and then the mug shot.

Dana Plato - Kimberly Drummond of Diff'rent Strokes
After her few minutes of fame in a hit tv show, she fell quickly.  Plato was arrested for forging Valium prescriptions and for  robbing a video store with a toy gun. She has since undergone drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  The cry for help worked for a little bit.  She got a Playboy spread and then dropped out of sight again.
A Shrine to Dana Plato  Different Strokes Online   The Official Dana Plato Home Page(this one seems to have turned into a strange channeling page)
Fun fact - If you do a net search on Dana Plato, you end up with a whole lots of links to naked pictures.

Update, Dana Plato recently died of a drug overdose.  I'm not sure how long these links will stay up, but here are some press reports about this.  From Reuters, CNN

All in all, a pretty sad commentary on the whole child star condition.  I originally meant this page to be kind of humorous and light hearted, and then I never got around to putting much stuff on it.  This has kind of bummed me out, and I probably won't put much more on this page, let it mold and when I get tired of seeing it, take it down.

Todd Bridges - Willis Drummond of Diff'rent Strokes
After his short bit of fame, he fell hard.  He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and acquitted on charges of attempted murder of a L.A. drug dealer at a crackhouse.  He was heavily involved in drugs.

E! Online Arrest Report


Gary Coleman - Diff'rent Strokes
The final member of the cast.  He had legal battles with his parents and was recently arrested for assault.

 Adam Rich, Danny Bonaduce, Tracey Gold, Vicki from the Love Boat, Corey Feldman, Fred Savage, Drew Barrymore, Michael Jackson, Kristie McNichol, Buffy from Family Affair, the cast from Full House, and more coming soon.

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Last Updated July 22nd 1999