Welcome to How I Quit Smoking: a History of Jesus Christ please remain seated until the ride comes to a full and complete stop, keep your hands and arms inside the carpet and PLEASE keep your mouth closed, we seem to be having a bug problem.

Here you are bored, lonely and looking for something to do. You probably should go out and have fun. I mean face it your a bum. You probably spend a good 50 percent of you day surfing the web or working on your web page. Besides, the only thing that came out of my boredom was this and if that doesn't make you want to be somewhere else you are a LOSER.

You also could just be up at 1:00am with nothing to do but sleep and in that case I'm glad your here. So sit back and watch a movie, read a book or listen to some music.

It's all in your head the fun you can have in this Jesus built for two. And maybe today is the day you were after and that's why YOU quit what you do. But maybe you'll find the best way to live is out in the rain. So here's what you do since it can't rain forever: just stay here cause sunny days SUCK .

Flicks for those in panty hose:(which could be anybody)

Look guys stars:(in case you could't tell these are people in movies and stuff so find one and latch on)

Oh no, the dreaded telly-vision:

Read a book and shut up already:

Bands bands every where pick one and take a stare:

(This is my home page, I guess, the title may throw you off a little. So it's taken you as long as it's taken you to get to the bottom of this, I know, I know three whole pages, happy happy, joy joy. But it's MY three whole pages so there. I'm Casey and your bored. Nice meeting you.)

Disclaimer: this document in no way, shape or form represents Nyx or The University of Denver or any one else but me, Casey Wunder.

Thought of the year: If you loved what you had and forgot what you wanted then remember what you've got and love what you need.

I think what we love is what we need and what we had we don't need or we would still have it. I could be wrong as usual but WHAT DO YOU THINK ? Let me know click on the Casey above. And if you don't wanna talk about that let me here all you have to say on something else.