History of Chechnya

   Chechnya is an independent republic located in the middle of the 
Caucasus Mountains.  This land has always been populated by ancient 
Shemite people who have been invaded, throughout the centuries, by 
people of different races.  The neighboring republics (to the north,
south, east, and west) are very similar ethnically to Chechnya.  
These people living in the Caucasus Mountains are not the same as 
the Russian people.  During Russia's quest for national expansion, 
Russia desired the lands in the Caucasus region and fought against 
and conquered the people in the mountainous areas.  These people 
fought back for their independence and freedom.  Unfortunately, 
mother Russia was too strong and she conquered and controlled these 
people.  During World War II, the Chechens and other peoples in 
neighboring territories collaborated with the invading German Army 
AGAINST the Russians.  They did this not because they favored the 
Germans, so much as they hated the Russians and wanted to be free of
Russian dominion.  As a consequence, Joseph Stalin (the head of the 
Russian state) dissolved the republic and sent the Chechens and people
from neighboring republics to exile in deep Siberia (forced labor 
camps) where many were inhumanely killed.  As time passes, eventually
during the mid-50s, Russia restores these people back to their 
homelands.  So great is the hatred and memories of what the Russians 
had done to the Chechens that when Russia and Communism finally 
collapsed the people of Chechnya like many other republics joyfully 
declared their independence from ethnic Russia.  The rest of this 
story you know, as you have recently read (much of the news printed 
and broadcasted) or heard about through media sources...newspapers, 
magazines, radio, and television.

OTHER REPUBLICS with predominant Muslim or Caucasus Mountain 


   Dagestan maintains an indigenous Caucasus Mountain population of 
Lazghian, Avar, Darghin and Lakh people as well as the Kumyk (a 
Turkish minority).  Like Chechnya, she fought against the Russians.  
Dagestan like all other Caucasus regional areas was invaded by the 
Huns, Persian, Turks and Mongols.  Shamyl is their popular hero, 
who they rallied around.  Shamyl raised an army and successfully 
challenged the might and authority of Russian rule over the Caucasus 


   Populated by Mongol people in the 17th century.  They too 
collaborated with the invading German Army (like all other Caucasus 
Mountain people).


   Though allied with Russia, in the 16th century, they also 
collaborated with the invading German Army and suffered the same 
fate as their neighboring cousins.


   A republic of Turkish-Muslim population.  They too collaborated 
with the invading German Army and, again, suffered the fate under 


   A farming populated region of Circassin Mountain people.  They, 
too, were also against the Russian people.

Georgia (and Ossetian):

   Populated by people called Kartrelians, who are different in 
temperament and different ethnically from the Russian people (who are 
Slavs...very similar to Serbs).  These Kartrelians are not 
Indo-European nor Turkish and the population is mostly Muslim and 
Orthodox.  The biblical tribes of Tubal and Meshech are also of this 
region, though different from the Kartrelians.  When Stalin came to 
power, he cruelly repressed all opposition to his authority.  The 
intelligentsia and the professional class perished during the purges. 
Georgia, today, is independent from Russia.

Mother RUSSIA:

   By the way, just a side note of little or no value, the biblical 
tribe of Magog settled in the regions north of the Caspian Sea and 
north of the Black Sea...which is now mother Russia and the Ukraine, 
respectively.  These people are different ethnically from the people 
who populate the mountain regions of the Caucasus.  This act of 
Russia's parallels the Holy Christian Bible story of Nimrod, who 
intruded in Shemite territory in opposition to God's laws.  This, the 
act of Russia invading Chechnya (by universal standards of humanity),
is an act of naked aggression *and not* an act of civil war nor 
question of territorial integrity.  These people are not of the same 

   The media's portrayal of the Chechen soldier as a rebel is 
certainly in error and it distorts and blinds us to the real truth 
of Chechnya and its history...a sovereign and independent nation.

End of article