I Now Present My Story

Crazy Old Ralph

By: Aaron Schwartz

         As Ralph walked home he felt the cold cruel chill. Again someone was following him as they had the day before. He ran and ran but no matter what he could feel it close by. He ran faster now going as fast as he could in his boots and fur coat. The thing Ralph knew was following him was now breathing down his neck! Ralph yelled and threw his coat into the snow, running as fast as humanly possible. Then a few seconds later the thing was back at Ralph’s side. Freaked out of his mind Ralph kicked off his boots and started running in his socks gaining space between him and the thing. Then he heard a cold cruel Cackling and cracking laugh coming from what seamed inside his head. He vaguely remembered it from somewhere, but he couldn’t place where. The laugh started slow at first but slowly got faster and faster repeating the same thing over and over faster and faster. Soon the laughing sound went through his mind so fast that they overlapped. Soon Ralph could hear almost a million of these laughs a second.
“No! Die you evil! You will not harm me or any other soul ever again,” Ralph yelled as loud as he could stopping in his path. He then fell to the ground crying and then hammered his head against the snow covered concrete of the sidewalk. Crack! Ralph’s head cracked open and all of his blood poured out of his head in a matter of seconds, freezing on the sidewalk. Soon Ralph’s heart stopped and all that was left was his body. The thing that had been following him wasn’t destroyed though. It never even existed.
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