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Math Pioneers Mission Statement:

To instill a greater love and  appreciation for the mathematical sciences

To eliminate the fear of mathematics

To increase the number of students majoring in the mathematical sciences

To help prepare students to meet the shortage of American engineers/mathematicians

To expose the inner city to the joys of math/science

To overcome the spirit of mediocrity in the US


Mathstronauts Summer Day Camp 2008

was great fun!

Read about the camp in the Denver Post (click on image below)

or see a clip about the camp in the Channel 9news broadcast (click on image below)


Congratulations, Math Pioneers! 


2008 Shades of Blue Educator of the Year Award


Congratulations, Jonathan and Amber Lin for becoming National Merit Scholars!

They are winners of the Lockheed Martin NMS Award.

God Bless You Both at MIT!



Read about how blacks and Latinos perform in math in the Denver Post article, "Good, bad news on math front" in the Denver Post.  I was honored to be quoted in the article.


Jenna Fleur Lin


2006 Colorado Association of Gifted and Talented Parent of the Year!

2008 Shades of Blue Educator & Teacher of the Year

I am a mathematician holding a BA in mathematics and an MS in applied mathematics. My desire is to encourage more kids to love math and to major in the mathematical sciences. Therefore, I am offering three services: Mathstronauts, Math Busters, and professional math tutoring.  Mathstronauts offers enrichment classes and math and science camps for students who are fascinated by math and offers enrichment materials for teachers to offer their math-hungry students.  Math Busters offers training for teachers, especially elementary teachers, to help them teach math and summer classes for students who need help.  Should someone need one-on-one help in mathematics or in science, I am offering private tutoring in my home.  I personally can tutor at all levels of mathematics, from basic math through undergraduate math courses.   I also offer ACT, SAT I, and SAT II math prep. as well as prep. for Math Counts & AMC math competitions and for ISEE exams.   Lastly, I have a minor in French and can tutor beginning and intermediate levels of high school French.   My team can also tutor students in mathematics as well as in chemistry, physics, basic programming, French, and Russian. 

Subjects include:

Algebra I, II, II Honors/Trig
Unified Math I, II, and III (I.B. Math program)
Math Analysis/Calculus (I.B. Math program)
Geometry, Honors Geometry
College Algebra
Integrated Mathematics, I, II, III
Calculus I, II, III / AP Calculus AB/BC
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
ACT math prep
SAT I & SAT II math prep
ISEE math prep
Math Counts Competition prep
AMC Competitions prep
Chemistry, Honor Chemistry, AP Chemistry
Physics, Honors Physics, AP Physics
Basic Programming SKills including C and C++

Tutoring sessions are either held at my residence located in Centennial, where I have been serving clients from the general vicinity (Centennial, Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, Aurora, Englewood, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and southeast Denver) or at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts (serving Cambridge and Boston).   


Jenna's Experience and Qualifications:

Challenge Time/Inside Out Instructor for Cherry Creek School District - Teach honors math and science classes for
Over twelve years experience as a private math tutor for elementary, middle school, high school, and college students, tutoring students with and without learning disabilities and providing enrichment for gifted students.  I have had over a hundred clients; mostly Cherry Creek students, but also including students from Douglas and Jefferson County schools, DU-High, Mullen, Hamilton, Kent Denver, Ricks Academy, Regis High, St. Mary's Academy, Columbine High, Dakota Ridge High, Most Precious Blood, Grayland, Inter-Baccalaureate Smoky Hill, Inter -Baccalaureate George Washington, Inter -Baccalaureate-Littleton High, East High, and undergraduates at CU-Boulder and University of Denver.
BA Mathematics, MS Applied Mathematics
Coach and Assistant Coach for Math Counts competition
President of Cherry Creek Association for Gifted & Talented (ChCAGT)
Author of advanced math workbooks for Cherry Creek school district
CITC Math and Science Camp Director
2007-2008 - Math Curriculum Specialist for WIRED Grant - Colorado Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (CMESA) program
2005-2007 - Contract Math teacher for Credo Academy (taught honors geometry and honors algebra II)
2005-2007 - Math/Science Camp/Carnival Chair for Cherry Creek Association for Gifted & Talented (ChCAGT)
2005-2006 - Publicity Chair for Cherry Creek Association for Gifted & Talented (ChCAGT)
2002-2003 - Acountability Commitee for Greenwood Elementary
2002-2005 - Newsletter Chair for Cherry Creek Association for Gifted & Talented (ChCAGT)
2002-2003 - Gifted & Talented Building Committee for Greenwood Elementary and West Middle School
2000-2002 - Graduate Teaching Assistant at CU-Denver (taught engineering calculus I, business calculus, and college algebra)
2000-2002 - Student Representative for Graduate Committee at CU-Denver's Math Department
2001-2002 - Gifted & Talented Building Committee for Cherry Creek Heritage Elementary
1999-2000 - Guest teacher at Cherry Creek West Middle School (taught Pre-Algebra, Integrated Math I, and Geometry-H)
2000-2001 - Volunteer Gifted & Talented Math teacher for Cherry Creek Heritage Elementary (did pull-outs and taught honors math to 2nd, 3rd, and 5th graders)
1997-1998 - Tutor, undergraduate TA, grader, and graduate TA for the University of Missouri - St. Louis (taught college algebra and trigonometry)
1998 - Member of an undergraduate mathematics research group sponsored by the National Science Foundation with students from Northwestern University, Washington University, and University of Missouri - St. Louis.
1989 - French translator for University of Missouri - Rolla International Student Office

Resume and references available upon request.

Call Jenna-Fleur Lin @ (303)224-0584 or email

My team!

Jonathan Lin - Math & Physics Tutor - in MA

Jonathan is a sophomore at MITand a physics whiz.  He can tutor your student in physics, honors physics, and AP physics.  Jonathan is majoring in electrical engineering at MIT.  He can also tutor your student in all levels of mathematics.  Upon graduating Cherry Creek High school, he had successfully completed AP Physics (score of 5), AP Chemistry (5), AP Calculus BC (score of 5), and   Calculus III (A) and Differential Equations (A) at CU-Denver.  Jonathan is a National Merit Scholar.   As a junior, Jonathan received a Bucknell Book award, the Colorado School of Mines Medal of Achievement in Math & Science Award, the AMC-12 Top Scorer and AIM qualifier award, and earned third place at the Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair - Physical Science category.  Jonathan can tutor students in the Cambridge/Boston area.

Amber Lin - Math & Chemistry Tutor - in MA

Amber is a sophomore at MIT and a chemistry whiz.  She can tutor  in chemistry, honors chemistry, AP chemistry and mathematics.   Amber is majoring in bio-chemical engineering/Pre-Med at MIT.  She too can tutor in all levels of mathematics.  Upon graduating Cherry Creek High school, Amber had successfully completed AP Chemistry (score of 5), AP Physics (score of 5), AP Calculus BC (score of 5), and  Calculus III (A) and Differential Equations (A) at CU-Denver.  Amber is also a National Merit Scholar.  She was one of the six Colorado students to get a perfect composite score on the ACT.   Congratulations, Amber!  As a junior, she received  the American Chemical Society (ACS) Oustanding Chemistry Student Award, Highest Achievement AP CHemistry Student Award, and Chemistry Olympiad Award.  Amber competed in the state finals in the Chemistry Olympiad Competition.    She too can tutor students in the Cambridge/Boston area.

Stephanie Higgins - Math & Programming Tutor

Stephanie holds a BS in mathematics and an MS in applied mathematics.  She has been programming in C and in MathCad as an engineer at Lockheed Martin for the past several years.  She is an experienced teacher having taught algebra and having held recitations for calculus as a graduate teaching assistant.  Stephanie also has experience tutoring; she worked with gifted students during a summer enrichment program.  She can tutor in all levels of mathematics and can tutor in basic programming.  Stephanie also has experience working with mathematical programs such as MatLab, Mathematica, and Maple which she can use to help students visualize mathematical concepts.

Jose Kabeya - Math, Physics, Computer Informations, French, and RussianTutor

Jose has a BS in Computer Information Systems and is an experienced math and physics teacher.  Jose worked at IBM as a system administrator supporting data center with more than 2000 servers.  He was a secondary math and physics teacher for three years.  Born in Congo, Jose is a native French speaker and currently teaches French at Church in the City's French program.   Since fleeing the Congo, he has studied on scholarships and has worked in Russia and is fluent in Russian as well.  While in Russia, Jose received the Best International Student Award.   Jose can tutor your students in all levels of mathematics, physics, basic computer programming, AP Computer Science, web design, html, French, and Russian. 

"Affirmative Action Begins in Kindergarten." - Jenna

Volunteer and help give a child the choice of a career;   help educate the poor and the fatherless!  Call for further details.


Music Lessons (Strings)

If you are interested in violin, viola, or cello lessons, call Jennifer Poole @ (303) 447-9634. She is an experienced certified music teacher. She teaches Orchestra at Cherry Creek High School.