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Flatirons Pic

This is one of the spectacular views I get to enjoy on my commute into work

The view is of the Baseline Reservoir in the foreground and the Flatirons in the background. The picture was taken from Baseline Road about 5 miles from where I work. I attempted to cut and paste two pictures together, but here's a better resolution view of the left part of the picture.


I bike commute to work which is a 21 mile round trip ride. It takes me about 35 minutes to ride one way, approximately twice as long as driving. Although some people may think I'm nuts to commute that far, I think the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks.

The roads I travel on are pretty well maintained and I've found that the majority of Colorado drivers are pretty biker friendly. Of course it helps to have a wide shoulder as pictured here. The picture was taken on Highway 7 about halfway through my old commute.

If you're interested in learning more about commuting, here's a couple of links I've found useful:

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